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Loaning Operations of Kosh

The Rashtriya Mahila Kosh is engaged in providing loans to eligible organizations for on-lending to poor women. The lending operation encompasses following stages:-

  1. Formulation of schemes and their approval by Governing Board, 
  2. Spreading of awareness about RMK’s policies and schemes amongst NGOs through IEC Activities in a planned manner.
  3. Selection of the scheme by potential NGO partner 
  4. Forwarding of loan application in prescribed form alongwith all requisite, information and document. 
  5. The NGOs/Borrowing organizations (BO) submit the loan proposal in the prescribed format designed by RMK with other documents as per enclosures.
  6. Once it received by RMK, the dispatch clerk enters it in Letter Receiving register, stamp & number it. It is put up to Executive Director who marks it to concerned Deputy Director who deals with the concernedState. Then Dy. Director marks it to the concerned dealing assistant.
  7. The dealing assistant enters it in Loan Receipt/Sanction/Rejection Register. 
  8. Scrutiny of loan applications - During the scrutiny of the loan application, the RMK satisfies itself about thefollowing matters:-
    • Whether the organization fulfills eligibility criteria as prescribed,
    • Whether organization fulfills eligibility norms as prescribed,
    • Whether all the requisite documents have been received,
    • Whether all the necessary information/clarification as required for appropriate decision have beenreceived,
    • If there is anything wanting in regard to points as brought out above, the NGO is requested to furnish the same. 
  9. However, on receipt of all documents, information and clarifications decision is taken either to decline theproposal or to refer it for pre-sanction study by the RMK officials or nominated institutional monitor. 
  10. The pre-sanction monitoring of the loan proposal can either be conducted by a RMK official or nominated institutional monitor. The process involves visits the organization and checking all the books and registers such as Cash Book, General Ledger, Vouchers, SHG Profiles, SHG Savings Register, SHG Loan Register of the borrowing organization. HeShe also visits the Self-help Groups promoted bythe organization, interact with SHG members, verify all the records maintained at SHG level, assess thedemand of loan of SHGs. After Pre-Sanction study has been received in which the inspecting authority has recommended the amount of loan to be sanctioned, an appraisal note is prepared for placing the same before in-house/loan committee with the recommendation to sanction the amount of loan by the concerned Deputy Director considered deem fit taking into account earlier track record, if any, of the applicant and also any other information in his/her possession about its operations or otherwise. 
  11. The In-house/loan committee after considering all the relevant facts of the case as contained in the appraisal note sanctions or defers or declines it. The concerned applicant is conveyed the decision of the in-house/loan committee. 

  12. On sanction of the loan by the in-house/loan committee RMK conveys information about loan sanctioned vide sanction letter which contains terms & conditions of the sanction, details of the documents to be executed in Delhi by the authorized representative of the applicant and a guarantor to be duly witnessed bytwo persons and other undertakings/ resolutions to be submitted by it before release of first installment. 

  13. After receipt of necessary documents like disbursement certificate, utilization certificate, list ofborrowers part I & II, quarterly progress reports, demand pronote, pre-receipt, application for 2nd & subsequent drawals & appendix thereto, the post-sanction monitoring study is conducted by the monitorto verify the end use of the funds, adherence to the terms & conditions of the sanction letter and quality of utilization of funds. The monitor visits the organization, verify the related documents, entries in book registers, bank accounts, disbursement registers and adherence to the terms & conditions of the sanctionletter and quality of utilization of funds etc. The monitor also visits the groups benefited out of the Istinstallment of loan, verify the assets created out of RMK loan. Depending upon the recommendations of the monitor, RMK either releases the IInd installment of loan or recalls the loan.

Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and First Appellate Authority (FAA) of RMK
The details of the Central Public Information Officer and Appellate Authority of Rashtriya Mahila Kosh for the purpose of Right to Information Act-2005 is furnished as under :- 

  • CPIO - Shri P. Anant, Deputy Director
  • First Appellate Authority - Shri K.C.Behera, General Manager RMK. 


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  • Revised Loan Guidelines of RMK
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