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General Body of RMK

The General Body shall consist of the Chairperson and the following categories of Members:

  1. Permanent Members : Sponsors shall be the permanent members of the Kosh.
  2. All members of Governing Board.
  3. Institutional Members : Institutional Members could be Financial Institutions, Banks/Corporate Bodies, Public Charitable Trusts, Benevolent Societies, Academic Bodies, Research Institutions, Institutes or Bodies organised or setup by the Central Government or any State Government or other agencies for the purpose of promotion of economic upliftment of women (with particular reference to thrift and credit or otherwise),provided that each of them satisfies the conditions and has made a minimum contribution or such amount as may be prescribed from time to time by the Governing Board.
  4. Individual Members : These could be from experts in related spheres, individual beneficiaries, or theirGroups/Federations on payment of the contribution and compliance with such conditions as may beprescribed by the Governing Board.


  • Constitution of Outreach Committee for expending the network of RMK & Mahila E-haat along with their capacity building.
  • Revised Loan Guidelines of RMK
  • NGO Darpan Portal

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