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Function of the Kosh

The Kosh discharges the following functions for the furtherance of its objects.

  1. The Kosh will seek to enable women to achieve economic independence. It will strive to go beyond credit delivery and provide services for integrated development centred around the needs of poor women.
  2. While provision of credit to cover composite needs is essential, such credit will be linked mainly to production and economic activity.
  3. To create an environment to facilitate and support further innovation and experimentation for designingsuitable delivery mechanisms to reach poor women.
  4. To provide for research, whose primary function would be to explore/facilitate and conduct participatory action research and analysis, based on which policy imperatives and action (including legislation) can beidentified and advocated to address the constraints in the formal system.
  5. Education of credit management will be integrated with the provision of credit, along with literacy and skill training for individual women, leadership training among groups for self management, etc.
  6. Accessibility of credit to poor women will be improved in terms of physical distance, simplification of procedures, flexibility of measures for loans and recovery and other measures conducive to increase utilization, etc.
  7. Provision of a number of support services (both economic as well as social) to enable the women to address themselves to the complexity of the problems and deprivations arising from poverty and powerlessnes, over the above services and schemes already existing.
  8. Provision of adequate, timely, regular flexible credit inputs matched to the individual needs of women allowing for the seasonality and diversity of poor women’s work and occupations.
  9. Promote and support grassroot level societies and organisations and other participatory structures for providing for women effective access to decision making.
  10. To have a policy and advocacy dimension in its working which based on all of the above, would provide a basis for revisions in the formal system.
  11. Develop effective channels of communication between women and the credit/banking systems to enable the latter to adapt their procedures as required by the personal priorities and constraints of poor women.
  12. Advocate for greater appreciation among the conventional credit systems of the need for simple alternative systems and rethinking of the social lending costs in reaching the poor.
  13. Establish a mechanism for dissemination of information and experience among agencies in the Government and non-government sectors in the area of credit for poor women.
  14. Identify and build up a resource base for training, project formulation and evaluation of needs at regional levels so as to promote greater outreach of services and coverage of remote areas.
  15. To mobilize resources at several level from governments, public and private donors and from other developmental agencies both governmental and non-governmental.
  16. Motivate voluntary organisations.
  17. To coordinate with other credit and development agencies/connected with the well being of women.
  18. To grant monetary and other assistance including loans/guarantees to banks/ persons/organisations and associations, etc. who are engaged in the promotion and development activities for economic upliftment of women.
  19. To subscribe to or become a member of or otherwise cooperate with other associations whose objects are wholly or in part similar to those of the Kosh.
  20. To borrow, raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as the Kosh shall deem proper or convenient for furtherance of the above objects and, in particular, by the issue of bonds, debentures, billsof exchange, promissory notes or other obligations or securities of the Kosh and to purchase, redeem or pay off such obligations or securities.
  21. To accept and to give grants, donations and subscriptions in furtherance of the objects of the Kosh.
  22. To purchase, accept as a gift or otherwise acquire and own or take on lease or hire temporarily or permanently, any movable or immovable property necessary or expedient for the furtherance of theobjects and activities of the Kosh and to deal with the same in any manner whatsoever.
  23. To support and do all such things as are or may be necessary or incidental to, or conducive to the attainment of any of or all of the objects of the Kosh.


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