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Accounting System for SHG and NGO

It provides details and proforma of records to be maintained at SHG and NGO level.

Document Execution
The NGO partners who have been sanctioned loans are required to execute following documents in the office at New Delhi:-

  1. Agreement-cum-Guarantee Deed 
  2. Promissory Note 
  3. Resolution passed by the Managing Committee authorizing the borrowings from the RMK and also the delegating power to borrow from the  RMK. 
  4. D.P. Note Delivery Letter 
  5. Proforma for computer database on NGO profile 
  6. List of Governing Board Members as on the date 
  7. Application for Membership enclosing therewith a demand draft of Rs 500/- if required
  8. Application for drawl
  9. Any other information/undertaking as is required will have to be also furnished.

The execution of documents by the Authorised representative of the NGO is to be witnessed by two persons.
Time Limit for disposal of loan applications 
Time limit prescribed for disposing of loan application as laid down in Citizen Charter is as under:- 

Acknowledgement of receipt of loan application - within 7 days from receipt of the application. 

Process of sanctioning of loans :-

  1. Sanction of loan up to Rs 30 lakh- within 2 weeks after preliminary scrutiny and submission of pre-sanctionstudy report by the monitor. 
  2. Loan sanctions above Rs 30 lakh - within 1 month after preliminary scrutiny and submission of pre-sanction study report by the monitor. 

Disbursement of loan :-

  1. Release of first installment of loan - within one week of execution of documents. 
  2. Release of second installment - within two weeks of submission of post sanction study report by the monitor.


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